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4OMN Double Action Extrusion Press

4OMN Double Action Extrusion Press
Product Detailed
4OMN Double Action Extrusion Press



1   Working pressure                                   28Mpa

2   Nominal extrusion force at 28MPa                    4026MT

3   Main Cylinder force at 28MPa                        3623 MT

4   Auxiliary Cylinders (2pc) at 28MPa advancing force     403 MT

5   Auxiliary Cylinders (2pc) at 28MPa return force         220MT

6  Sealing Force of container cylinders (2pc) at 28MPa      

   separate hydraulic pump providing oil, pressure can be adjusted  403 MT

7  Opening Force of container cylinders (2pc) at 28MPa     290MT

8  Butt shearing force at 28MPa                          110MT

9  Die slide shearing force at 28Mpa                      99 MT

10 Mandrel Forward Force                               569MT

 II. Billet & Container

1   Billet diameter (room temperature)          12 inches / 304.8 mm ±1.5mm

2   Container diameter(room temperature)       315 mm

3   Container length                          1400 mm

4   Maximum cold billet length                  1260mm

5   Minimum billet length                       600 mm

III. Tools

1  Tool stack maximum diameter / length              600 x 600 mm

2   Platen hole maximum dimensions                  Φ300mm

IV. Performances

1  Maximum extrusion speed                            19 mm/s

2  Min extrusion speed                                  19 mm/s

3  Dead cycle time ( Billet length =1260 mm)

   Start point description and formulistic method:

   Reckoning from the point that the first product stops moving

to the point that before the second product moves, the total

time is dead time.                                       ≤32s


 I. Cylinders

Main cylinder will be a forged and welded three piece structure, and shall be ultrasonically testing and all welds inspecting using die penetrant.

Ultrasonic and magnetoscopic checking of the cylinder will be done on 100% of the internal surface.

The piston is made of cast iron.

It is guided by bronze ring.

Piston diameter = 1270 mm. 

Piston is grinded and polished.

The main and auxiliary cylinders are inserted in the rear platen.

The brand of main cylinder seal is Carco.

Main cylinder stroke: 3000mm

Side cylinder is forged steel, with diameter 300mm, and cylinder rod: 200mm. Side cylinders rod seals will be V type, chevron ring style.

Piston head seals will be bronze impregnated triple wear ring design with two double acting sealing ring  between the three wear rings.

Sealing cylinder is forged steel, with diameter 300mm, and cylinder rod: 160mm.

Shearing cylinder is forged steel, with diameter 220 mm, and cylinder rod: 180 mm.

Die slide cylinder is forged steel, with diameter 210mm, and cylinder rod: 180mm.

II. Cylinder platen

The rear platen is made of cast steel, all the surfaces will be machined .

Container cylinders are mounted in the main cylinder platen.

III. Front platen, tie rods and die changing device

Front platen is made of forged steel.

Platen thickness = 1000 mm.

Die slide guides are made of bronze.

The die changing slide is moved by a hydraulic cylinder.

A die shuffle system is provided,which is attached to the platen. The Die Shuffle System utilises two Die Carriers where by one die is at the press centre line and another can be loaded at the side of the press. When a Die Change is required, the die at centre of press will travel out to the Shuffle System via the Die Slide Cylinder, and the New die will traverse parallel to press centre line to connect on to the Die Carriage (taking the place of the original die). The Die Carriage will then position the new die at the press centre line via the Die Slide Cylinder. This procedure can be automatically carried out at the end of extrusion cycle.

The Die Carriers will be electrically heated on the bottom area with rod type heaters built into the unit.

Tie rods are made of forged steel. They are checked by ultra-sonic tests.

Columns are screwed on each end.

Pre stressing in done on casings (pre-stressed members) fitted between the rear and front platen.

The pre-stressing of the columns is done under the maximum press force + 15%.

The cover of the column is cast steel, the shape is multilateral, the guide steel above the cover used to afford the container (bearing steel), the thickness is min 50mm.


I. Main pumps

The main pumps are controlled by proportional valves with electronic cards controlled directly by the PLC via analog signals  0~10V. 

Pumps are set on steel frame at floor level.  

Silent blocks are installed under the frames of the motor-pumps groups.

II. Cooling & filtration

Oil is pumped from the tank to the tank through a filters and plate cooling system, working on a continuous basis.

Cartridge logic valves

DIN standard. 

LED on each solenoid. 

Rexroth cartridge valves are used which are mounted in purposed designed  manifold blocks.

III. Hydraulic manifold blocks

They are made of forged steel. These blocks are ultrasonically tested. 

Blocks are set on the top of the oil tank.


A Pre-fill valve is mounted on the back of the main cylinder for fast flow of oil into and out of cylinder. Between pre-fill valve and oil tank there is a manual shut off valve, and a flexible coupling.

4OMN Double Action Extrusion Press

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